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Thursday, January 27, 2022

There is no change in circumstances, our support to government will continue: Sardesai

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Panaji:  Goa Forward Party today said that their commitment to the current government is for  Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and at this moment they don’t foresee any circumstances evolving for them to change their stand.

Goa Forward Party President and State Agriculture Minister Vijai Sardesai ruled out any attempts from their side for change in leadership considering the ill health of the Chief Minister.

“We are committed to Manohar Parrikar for this tenure. This is our commitment, anything beyond that or anything minus that will be based on circumstances,” Sardesai said today, two days after Parrikar left for the USA for treatment of his pancreatic ailment.

He said that at this moment, the GFP “do not see any circumstances evolving for them to change or reconsider our view of this commitment.”

“At the moment there is no such development which is forcing us to reconsider our commitment to Parrikar and the BJP,” he said.

“It should be understood and I am reiterating that the letter of support also given has been a very unique one. First time perhaps in the history of India, some political party gives a letter of support saying I support the individual but not the party,” he said.

“It even not a proper letter of support. It may not stand the test of law.  But we have given that letter. We mean what that letter says and that is our commitment,” he added.

When asked whether GFP will never have any kind of alliance with Congress in future, Sardesai said “politics is dynamic. We in the situation as of now, let us not think about the future. Future will come and we will see.”


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