There is need to create Reality Shows on OTT platforms too: Terence Lewis

Diwar (Goa): Terence Lewis, a choreographer,  mentor and a reality-show judge has said that there is need for creating Reality Shows on OTT platforms too.
The choreographer also said that the platforms like Instagram and YouTube are providing the break for many singers, who have been noticed by great producers.
Talking to GoaNewsHub at the sidelines of India Beach Fashion Week 2023 at Diwar Island in Goa, Terence on Monday said that the OTT influx has been really big these years and it is going to get bigger.
“I feel we need to develop reality shows on OTT too where talent gets to be showcased,” he said adding that people spend hours practicing their dance, singing, acting and it would be pity if they are  not able to shine our light to the world.
Terence said that though it is about “who is watching us” but also the focus should be more about the talent.
“There is so much of talent out there. If they don’t get the platform, it would be sad,” he said.
“Dancers need a platform to showcase their talent. They need shows. They need judges of certain caliber to guide them , motivate them,” Terence added.
At this backdrop, he said that he hopes that the next generation or next line of Producers will find a way because people still see dance videos on Instagram and YouTube.
“So many today are not a part of reality shows but they have sang on Instagram or YouTube and they have got their break with great producers or music directors,” he said.
Terence said that everybody needs a platform, competition level platform only raises the bar higher and you compete and you progress.


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