Swift Relief Provided to Storm-Affected Families by MLA Dr. Deviya Rane


The roof of the houses belonging to Mahesh Gaonkar, Rohini Paryekar, and Madhuri Marathe in the Honda-Postwada area of Poriem constituency was blown off during a storm on Sunday. Taking immediate action, local MLA Dr. Deviya Rane provided relief to these families by ensuring the erection of new roofs within two days.

Local sarpanch Shivdas Madkar promptly informed MLA Dr. Rane about the incident. Responding swiftly, MLA Dr. Rane initiated the process of laying new roofs, starting the work on Monday morning. Workers were dispatched to the site, where they placed iron arches and cement sheets on the affected houses.


Expressing gratitude, house owner Mahesh Gawas remarked, “MLA Deviya Rane came running like a god and helped us rebuild our house. Similarly, Sarpanch Shivdas Madkar brought this issue to MLA Rane’s attention. We are indebted to both of them.”
The roofs of two houses have already been repaired, and work on the third house is currently in progress.


This swift and generous response highlights the dedication of MLA Dr. Deviya Rane and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane to the well-being of their constituents, ensuring that families affected by the storm receive timely and effective assistance.


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