One Minute Saree makes the presence felt during India Beach Fashion Week 2023


Diwar (Goa): One Minute Saree, a direct-to-consumer online saree brand founded by Indo-American Sasha Revankar was cynosure of all eyes during the India Beach Fashion Week 2023, that culminated in Goa on Tuesday.

Revankar presented 14 different looks at a runway during the fashion show on Tuesday during the event.

“One minute saree concept is for the people like me who are residing in the US. This concept is basically to make it easier and accessible to the people like and younger generation who was worried about hassles of wearing a saree,” the designer said talking at the sidelines of the event.

She said that the concept is basically to keep the saree which is timeless garment to relevant in the modern age and future generation. Revankar said that “the traditional way of wearing is really complicated unless you have company who is teaching you or passed down from generation.”

She said One minute saree concept was introduced “so that anybody can wear saree.” “And being based in the USA actually there is lot of popularity for Indian wedding. So, we wanted to make wearing a saree possible,” the designer said.

Revankar said that there exists pre-draped saree, pre stitched saree, the saree that you wear like a skirt but none of them give you a feeling of wearing an actual saree. “We did that in our design. It has free flowing pallu and it can be fitted in adjustable sizes,” she said adding that the target customer for this is between age group of 21 to 50.

She said that she was ready to launch this in March 2020. “I had put some advertisements on facebook and very next day it was lockdown. With one advertisement my cousin sent me a message and she said that her friend found this as a great concept,” Revankar said.

For her, it took two years to officially launch.

One Minute Saree makes the presence felt during India Beach Fashion Week 2023


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