Goan diaspora should be worried about Congress’ promise of redistribution of wealth: CM


Panaji: Chief minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday said that the Congress’ promise of “redistribution of wealth” should be taken seriously by the Goan diaspora, who have been sending their hard earned money back to the state.


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Talking to GNH, Sawant said that the congress has not come clear on their assurance of redistribution of wealth, as mentioned in their national manifesto, raising several doubts about it.

Sawant said that the Congress manifesto smacks of “communalism.”

“The issue of redistribution of wealth, as mentioned in congress manifesto, is not clear. Congress candidates in Goa Ramakant Khalap and Viriato Fernandes should clarify on it,” the chief minister said.

“Whose wealth they will be redistributing. Are you going to redistribute our property, jewellery? Whom will they redistribute,” Sawant questioned.

He said that our brothers living in London (Goan diaspora) who earn money there and send it here, will you redistribute their wealth?

“Whom do they want to redistribute the jewellery? Whom do they want to distribute it? Our brothers who are in London should be afraid about the Congress,” the chief minister said.

He said that the Goans who work abroad earn there and save their earnings in the form of Fixed Deposits in India. “If that money is distributed then it will go to the unwanted community,” he said.

The chief minister said that “different kind of people are settling here (in India).” “They have big families. If money goes to them… Our country will be in trouble. People have not understood Congress’ Nyay Patra,” he added.

Sawant said that when people will realise the motive behind Nyay Patra, don’t know what they will throw at them (Congress).

The Congress candidates should explain to Goans what does they mean by redistribution of wealth, he said adding that “ they should tell all our christian brothers and sisters as to what kind of redistribution of wealth will they do.”

Speaking about BJP manifesto, Sawant said “Modi ki guarantee is clear.”

“We speak about uniform civil code. We have been following uniform civil code. Congress should tell whether they will implement uniform civil code or redistribution of wealth,” he said.

Sawant said that the citizen amendment act benefits Sikh, buddhist, christians. “They will get the citizenship. Modi Ki Guarantee is clear. Redistribution of wealth is not clear,” he added.


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