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Cuncolim MLA Clafacio Dias on radar for pressuring municipality to act illegally

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Cuncolim: In a major allegation, Cuncolim Municipal Council Vice Chairperson Shashank Desai has accused local MLA Clafacio Dias of pressuring the municipal body to release the security deposit of the company which is registered in his name.

Addressing a press conference, Desai said that Dias was pressuring the council for releasing security deposit of Rs 35 lakh which is in the name of M/s Jolly Constructions  belonging to his wife, Seema Dias.

He said the legislator was pressuring the municipality despite the fact that there are queries raised by Vigilance Department about the bill and municipality is in the process to replying to them.

Meanwhile, Desai alleged that there is no development done by Dias in Cuncolim constituency.

“He has not done any developmental work in Cuncolim constituency. Right from roads to any other projects, nothing has happened. There are several issues which needs to be tackled,” Desai said.

The CMC Vice Chairperson said that Clafacio was not dedicated towards the work of the people and threatened to take on the streets.

“I had joined his panel thinking that he is interested in development. But I have seen time is passing but nothing is happening,” Desai said.

It is high time that Clafacio should start working for the people, he said.


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