Sugarcane farmers want this #ModiKiGuarantee: Rakhi Naik


Sanguem: Netravali panch member Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik has demanded that the sugarcane farmers need #ModiKiGuarantee of providing uninterrupted financial assistance for their crop and elimination of the commission agents who harass the farmers.

At the backdrop of ongoing agitation to resume Sanjivani Sugar Factory, Rakhi has said that the solution do not lie in providing financial assistance scheme, which expires next year.

“The government should start working on war footing on restarting Sanjivani Factory whether on PPP basis or by investing their own money. In the meantime, till factory starts, the scheme proposed earlier of providing Rs 3,600 on standing crop for the farmer while govt takes the responsibility of harvesting the sugarcane and taking it away should be implemented,” she said. Rakhi said “this will do away with the greedy agents who are oppressing the small farmers and enslaving those with large farms.”

“If this proposed scheme is implemented then more farmers will cultivate sugarcane as there will have assurance that their product will fetch good price without getting worried about corrupt agent,” she said.

“When PM Narendra Modi speaks of doing away with commission agents in agriculture sector, why has Goa govt made it exception in case of Sanjivani Sugar factory?,” Rakhi said.

She said that assured sum and agent-free harvesting and procurement should be the real #ModiKiGuarantee for Sugarcane farmers in Goa.


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