We are irritated with smart city like other shopkeepers: CCP Mayor Rohit Monserrate


Panaji: CCP Mayor Rohit Monserratte on Saturday held Smart city works responsible for the flooding of the roads in the city. He said “like the shopkeepers, we (CCP) are also irritated.”

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Talking to reporters, Monserratte said that CCP has done its work properly. “Last year too, it flooded for one hour and the situation was normal. “

“We had meeting with the Smart city MD on the issue. They have hotmixed the road but the main gutters are not cleaned. We don’t want it to happen again. We have to work together with the Smart city.”

“We have to listen to everyone without any fault of us. We had cleaned the drain but mud from the smart city has gone back in the drain. We are also irritated now. Smart City have to clear the flood points”


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