The Journey Through A Showcase of Unique Experiences in Goa


Panjim, 17th April 2024:  The Department of Tourism hosted an experience for the international buyers who were invited at GITM 2024, designed to showcase the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Goa, providing a unique and immersive experience. Through meticulously curated experiences, the focus was to highlight Goa’s cultural and natural treasures but also emphasized the importance of responsible tourism.


From the mesmerizing bird watching excursion at Karmali Bird Sanctuary, guided by wildlife experts who shared insights into the local and migratory bird species of Goa, A UNESCO Heritage walk through the iconic landmarks of Goa, giving an opportunity to delve into the rich history of the region, offering a glimpse into the glorious past of Goa through its Basilicas and monuments, to Goa’s vibrant Latin Quarter in Panjim, where one can immerse themselves in the local culture while sipping on traditional Feni and Urrak during a guided tour of the charming neighborhood and to a sound and light show at Aguada Fort, offering a unique perspective on the region’s history and heritage and about the history of the relentless struggle to survive as proof made in the walls of each jail cell. The Aguad fort provides visitors with an in-depth glimpse into the heroic actions and proud liberation of many many years ago.


Experiences such as these, exemplifies the commitment of the Department of Tourism, in promoting sustainable and regenerative tourism in the region. By showcasing Goa’s cultural and natural treasures, these aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the destination while fostering meaningful connections between visitors and the local community.

Goa’s focus on regenerative tourism principles reflects the department’s commitment to ensuring that tourism activities leave a positive impact on the environment and local communities. By promoting practices such as responsible waste management, conservation of natural habitats, and support for local businesses, the state sets the stage for more sustainable tourism initiatives in Goa.


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