Minorities are not with BJP is a myth spread by opposition parties: BJP


Panaji: The members of minority community are not with BJP is not true and it is a myth that is spread by the opposition parties, a senior party leader said.

BJP’s Goa desk incharge Ashish Sood said that “the myth is being spread that the members of minority community are not with the BJP.”

“The Congress has continued with this myth for appeasement of minorities. When BJP was formed, we started with the policy of appeasement to none and justice to all,” he said.

Sood said that in the 10 years of Modi led government rule, the policies are all-inclusive. “You show me ten people from minority community in any of the district, who will claim that they were discriminated by the government because they are minorities,” he commented.

He said that the BJP government (at the centre) has implemented all the schemes without any discrimination. “You will not get any member of minority community, who will say that they were entitled for the scheme and they did not receive it,” he said.

Responding to the allegations that BJP wins the election by rigging EVMs, Sood said that it is voters who hack the EVM for the BJP.

“If voters find that you (opposition party) are relaunching and re-re-re-re launching the same leader to form the government. If voters can see that you make a promise but do not fulfil it when you come to power, then they hack the EVMs for the BJP by coming out in large number and voting for the party.

Talking about Goa, Sood said that the Congress which has been able to find out the candidate with difficulty are levelling allegations against BJP that Pallavi Dempo (candidate from South Goa) was selected by refusing ticket to the cadres.

He said that such allegations by the Congress party is “nothing but desperation to save from the evident defeat in Lok Sabha election.”

Sood said that when it was decided to field a woman candidate in the state like Goa, people from different walks of life contacted the party. He said that the aim of BJP is “not only to win the election but the ultimate aim is to create Vikasit Bharat.”

“We, in the BJP are a kind of mad people. We are mad to serve our country, die for our country. Our cadre does not look at who is given ticket. He is concentrating on how vikasit Bharat is created, how our borders will remain secure, how our flag’s strength is increased. National security, national integration are the major causes for us to work for the party,” he commented.


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