CCP Councillors’ hunger strike threat shows collapse in governance: AAP


Aam Aadmi party today said that it’s not only in Panaji but across Goa that the people are falling victims to potholes over roads causing widespread resentment among the people and exposing the deep corruption in the GSIDC and the PWD, the agencies responsible for building the roads. Addressing a press conference, AAP Convenor Elvis Gomes said that the municipal corporation of capital city which was unable to do things as basic as fixing potholes in the city showed how the local self government bodies being destroyed by the Government which does not believe in grassroots democracy. “ During the last elections, it was told that IAS Commissioner would solve all of Panaji’s problems. But now the Councillors say that the commissioner himself is a problem. “ said Gomes who has been the city commissioner in the past with an exceptional track record of harmonious working with Councillors, workers and public. He said that it was time that elected members of Councils and Panchayats should follow the AAP model as it was the only party that was built on the principles of ‘Swaraj’ which means hearing the voice of the people and acting accordingly. “AAP is the only party that is committed to give wider powers to the Village Panchayats and Municipalities as enshrined in the 73rd and the 74th amendment to the constitution. Hence the elected members who are interested in working for public welfare will get the full support to deal with their local issues with sufficient budget at their disposal” said Gomes.
Meanwhile Sunil Signapurkar North Goa Convenor of AAP charged that the GSIDC was now undertaking odd jobs as that of garbage cleaning, toilets and painting. Stating that instead of placing attention on the pitiable state of the roads, the GSIDC was blowing up 3 crores of tax payers money on doing painting of buildings during rains under smart city mission which has already got washed away and alleged corruption in the functioning of the GSIDC.


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