Sardine rush witnessed at Keri-Terekhol beach


Pernem: The locals of Keri-Terekhol on Goa-Maharashtra border are witnessing a phenomenon called ‘sardine rush’ in which several thousand fishes are seen jumping out on the seashore.

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A local fisherman said that the phenomenon has been witnessed at Keri-Terekhol beach since Monday, during every evening. The beach is located 40 kms away from Panaji, bordering Maharashtra.

He said that the hundreds of sardine fishes are seen jumping out water, giving treat to the locals, who gather there to collect it and take it home. “This is a rear phenomenon seen in this area, at least,” he said.
The video of sardines rushing out of the water and people gathering to collect them has gone viral on the internet.

When contacted, Dr Baban Ingole, a researcher from CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) said that the such thing “usually happens due to sudden change in the surface water temperature where saradin lives.”
“Reduce or increase in sea surface temperature can induce migration of sardines in higher numbers and some time they get trapped in shallow waters as seen in the present video,” he said.

Ingole said that the phenomenon is called as “Sardin Run.”
He said that the fishes usually travel in search of food. “When the deeper water comes on top it brings nutrient rich water on top and it triggers high food production and sardines feed on this fresh food production called “phytoplankton,” Ingole added.


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