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Want to fit in ? 5 Goan slangs that you must add to your vocabulary !


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Panaji : Every language has its dialects, language addictions, slang and expressions, Indians use simple language to communicate with people who are not from their state but things get tricky when a non Goan tries to fit in a Goan group, especially when locals use complicated words.
We Goans have a very special set of slang words and phrases that is a part of our daily lingo. Here’s a list of top 5 slags that Goans use on a daily basis :
Masso Easy Ghey Re Saiba
Its been a long week and Shenvar (Saturday) is finally here! You and your friends decide to drink at local bar by the beach. While you are still on your 3rd drink sipping on Urrak watching the narla maad (coconut tree) moving its head with the wind, your friend is on his 5th drink planning to climb the maad! this is when you say ‘Masso easy ghey re saiba’ meaning take it easy.
B’day Re ?
No its not asking your friend if its his birthday today (that would be silly). B’day re is used when your kith and kin are being overly generous. B’day re literally means, why are you being generous is it your birthday bro?
Than Ghey Povya
Who dosent like drama? after all we grew up watching Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films! What Goemkars don’t like is a person being overly dramatic. Is your best friend exaggerating about his third breakup in one month ? tell him ‘Masso Than Ghey Povya’, literally meaning, ‘you need to take it easy bro!’
Ah! who dosent like good old respect. Patrao is a Portuguese word for boss, it is now used casually to address someone with respect. Call someone Patrao and he will be flattered and immediately treat you  like a gentleman!
 This word is derived from  the Portuguese word sossegado (quite) and it is often viewed as the relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life. All Goemkars are peace-loving Susegat and we all love this laid back easy going word!
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