Traditional Goan baking industry is dying: Peter Fernandes


Panaji: All Goa Bakers and Confections Association president Peter Fernandes stating that the baking industry in the State is going down, reckoned that 90 per cent of Baking industry has been sold to non-Goans.

Speaking at an annual holy mass held by the Associations in Margao on Friday, Fernandes mentioned how the traditional baking industry has been sold to non-Goans who have compromised on the quality of bread by maximising production.

Requesting the government pay heed to this dying traditional industry, Fernandes said, “Subsidised flour is not enough. If this industry is to flourish the government needs to do more. Our workers do not prefer to distribute bread by cycle like old times, hence the government should give them subsidy to purchase motor bikes, interest free loans will also help us  a lot. To preserve the authentic goan taste of bread the government should extend their helping hand so that Goan tradition can be preserved.”


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