Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate flayed over his double talk on Ribandar health centre



The Ribandar Health Care Committee has today strongly deplored and castigated the Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate for his rank mischievous contradictory statements on restoring medical facilities at the Old Ribandar Hospital.

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has stated that the committee at its meeting today had taken strong exception that the Panaji MLA despite on 9th October having given a solemn promise that full health care facilities would be restored by hook or crook at the Old Ribandar hospital had hours later made a statement that Government had no funds for the same.

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has stated that the Committee has demanded that the Panaji MLA should clarify as to why he knowingly misled the delegation and that the people should not be fooled at least on this critical healthcare issue.

Adv. Aires Rodrigues has stated that any move to start a day dispensary would be strongly opposed and that the committee has demanded that medical services at the Old Ribandar Hospital should start with a full-fledged 24×7 Casualty unit as was assured
by the Panaji MLA in his May 2019 election manifesto and that other medical facilities could be added in stages to ensure that the old Ribandar hospital becomes a full-fledged hospital.

While pointing out that the 15 day deadline given to the government on October 2nd would end on October 17th, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the Panaji MLA should not dare take the people for a ride.

Meanwhile, a delegation of the Committee today called on North Goa MP and Union Minister Shripad Naik at his residence and sought that the priceless heritage structure of the Old Ribandar Hospital be preserved at all cost and to maintain the history of the hospital a fully fledged state of the art medical centre under Goa Medical College be set up with all possible health care facilities.

The delegation also told the North Goa MP that any attempt to set up an Ayush centre at the Old Ribandar hospital would not be acceptable.


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