Kiran Kandolkar raises farmers’ issues in Aldona

Aldona: Former Tivim MLA Kiran Kandolkar took a dig at BJP and said that the government is looting farmers during harvesting period in the name of Atmanirbhar. He requested the local MLA to understand the plight of the farmers and provide them help.
Farmers who have suffered economically during the pandemic are being put in trouble according to Kandolkar. Kandolkar believes they are being charged unnecessarily for harvesting the crops.  “Chandrakant (Babu) Kavlekar should help these farmers by providing them machines as soon as possible,” Kandolkar said.
Adding that the local MLA should stop being vindictive Kandolkar opined, “If the government dosen’t help these farmers now, the people of Aldona will never forgive BJP.”


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