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Aam Aadmi Party has said that DDSSY was not only discriminatory but is used to help private hospitals make money at great cost and inconvenience to the common man of the state. Responding to media reports exposing hardships to the people covered under DDSSY , AAP General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said that money is being made even over sufferings of the people of the state. He said that AAP had already set new benchmarks in health care which provided three levels of health care totally free of cost to the people of Delhi in which even private hospitals were participants without any shady deals like the ones going on in Goa and wondered why the government was selective in giving benefits of DDSSY by not making it universal.

“Everything that the government does here has a motive to make money. Why trouble the common man by referring him to private hospitals? Earlier the Dayanand Social Security Scheme was doled out to even Govt servants and affluent on condition of allegiance to BJP. How low can the corrupt system go? “ questioned Padgaonkar stating that public health care should be made available to all Goans without any cap and discrimination.

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