Don’t be afraid of Covid-19 ! says Dr M. B. Prabhu 



Yes you heard that right, while the current pandemic has created a situation wherein even the bravest of the brave are frightened when they hear the word ‘Covid-19’, Dr. M.B Prabhu  a renowned Acupuncturist from Goa on the other hand is of the opinion that we should not be afraid of this virus.
Dr M. B. Prabhu has done MD in Acupuncture from China Academy Of Acupuncture Of Sciences he also has a Ph.D from China Academy Of Acupuncture Of Sciences. Doctor was felicitated at a programme ‘Covid19 Warriors’ organised by Porvorim Rising an Initiative of Rohan Khaunte on 18 June 2021.
It cannot be denied that the psychological impact of the COVID19 pandemic is causing incredible distress among the public. It is  important to be prepared but is it equally important to panic?
Dr Prabhu said “instead of being petrified of Covid 19 one should try to build his immunity against the Virus, patients who are admitted in the hospital need motivation and support from their near and dear ones which will help the patient recover faster. Being scared only worsens the situation”
Dr Prabhu says “Think of it this way when we see a ferocious tiger ready to pounce on us, our body goes into fight or flight situation we get tensed up and start sweating at that time our body’s aim to run or fight  and battling diseases is secondary for body during such times”
According to him an individual should stop seeing social media and the press which gives him anxiety after looking at the death figures & positivity rate.  “Our body functions best when we are healthy physically as well as mentally, looking at death rate makes us worried and affects our mental health and hence physical health”
“Let the third wave of Covid 19 Pandemic come, as long as we take precautions and are not very apprehensive, our bodies can deal with it. each day lakhs of viruses enter our body and our immunity combats it” Asserted Dr Prabhu.
Dr Prabhu has told people to be happy and energetic because stress will send the immune system downhill. He does not advocate to live carelessly during the pandemic but merely gives us insights on how to battle the pandemic in a better way.


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