”10,000 jobs” has become a stale joke by BJP before every election: AAP


Aam Aadmi Party today condemned the BJP Govt for making a mockery of the struggle faced by Goan youth, by making the same false promise of Govt jobs before every election. Listing all the times that BJP promised jobs in recent years, State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said that CM Pramod Sawant’s announcement of 10,000 jobs on the occasion of Revolution Day was the same stale but cruel joke being played on struggling Goan youth by the Bharatiya Janata Party repeatedly.

“Before 2017 assembly elections, BJP promised 10,000 jobs. Before 2019 assembly bye-elections, BJP promised the same 10,000 jobs. Before 2020 ZP elections, BJP again promised 10,000 jobs. Now before 2022 assembly elections, Sawant has tried to play the same stale joke of 10,000 jobs yet again. But this time, Goan youth have had enough, and will teach the BJP a lesson”, Mhambre warned.

Mhambre said that despite the thousands of jobs promised, BJP had failed to create even a few hundred Govt jobs in the past few years. Mhambre alleged that even the few jobs created were not given on merit but “sold” to those who could meet the Minister’s demands.

“Instead of going through the Goa Public Service Commission, jobs are given on the basis of “private commission”. This practice of selling Govt jobs by both BJP and Congress is the biggest reason for the deeply-entrenched corruption in the administration today”, Mhambre said.

Mhambre reminded that Goa has the second-highest unemployment rate in the entire country, recalling that a report released by CMIE showed that Goa had an unemployment rate of 22.1% in March 2021, second only to Haryana. Mhambre mocked Sawant on this colossal failure, asking whether he is competing with other BJP states to get to No. 1 in this dubious distinction.

“In such a dismal situation, Sawant should have been working on war footing to create jobs in public sector as well as private sector. Instead he mocked our Goan youth for not being skilled enough to get employed. Our youth are hard-working, educated and capable. Sawant will pay the price for his arrogance and repeated lies”.


  1. Jobs are only an election stunt. How can anyone become a permanent in 3 months of working? How can anyone pass the exam within 1 month? This is a big joke on Goan Youth!


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