“Mark Goa’s wildlife sanctuaries as Tiger reserve”


Margao: Famed wildlife photographer Vivek Naik in a letter to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has demanded that the wildlife sanctuaries of Goa should be marked as Tiger Reserves, so as to give protection to the wild cats living in it.

“It’s very unfortunate and sad Incident in Goan wild Life, which is looked after by Goa Forest Department  to record two deaths of Tigers, one Male Adult Tiger and one it’s Cub at Sattari, Valpoi Goa, which comes under Mhadel Wild-Life Sanctuary,” Naik said.

“It is also stated in local news papers that third member of the family one Tigress is missing. It’s really shameful incident where Our Forest Department has failed to protect our wildlife in Goa where Government is spending crores of rupees to conserve our forests,” he said.

Naik recalled that few years back one more Tiger was reported dead but till date the department is clueless. “Entire world and other parts of our Nations are taking all the precautionary measures to protect our wild life and Mother Nature. In Goa also lots of public funds are spent to conserve forest areas,” he said.

“Till date we have failled to take necessary precautions in our Wild Life sanctuaries due to pressure fro Mining Industries which are owned by private Individuals,” he said.

“And that’s the reason Government has failed to mark these areas as Tiger Reserves. Death of these two Tigers clearly indicates that there are Tigers in our Goan forest and Government must take all necessary steps to protect our wild life and mark all the Forest areas as protected areas for Tiger Reserves, which will help to increase and preserve our Natural wealth. Even Wild Life Board meetings and suggestions were not taken seriously,” he added.

“As a member of Wild Life Board last meeting attended by me was in December, 2017 after that no meetings were held till the board was reconstituted recently,” Naik said.

“It shows that Head of the Departments are not at all serious about the conservation of forest in our tiny State. Officials of Forest Departments are only after the people of Tribal sections by harassing them and not giving their Land rights to deserving people,” he said.

“I sincerely request you Sir, to conduct a fair and Impartial inquiry through a proper investigating authorities, who are not directly of indirectly linked to Goa Forest Department. Taking in to consideration our past experience, It will be advisable to conduct an impartial inquiry through Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI ) or any agencies recommended by wWF-Indla or National Tiger Conservation Authority to find out the facts and to punish the guilty who are responsible for this act. Hope as a Forest Minister and Head of the Goa Government you will take necessary action in the matter to protect wild life of Goa and stop further destruction of natural recourses / wealth in Goan Wild Life.”


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