I don’t think Isidore Fernandes joined BJP for development: Ramesh Tawadkar


(click here to see full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CQOfpnzgqQ  )

Panaji: Canacona MLA and Speaker of Goa Assembly Ramesh Tawadkar said that he does not believe that Isidore Fernandes joined BJP for the development.

He said that during the period 2017-2022 when Fernandes was MLA of the constituency, many of the important projects did not move even an inch.

Tawadkar said that he had to follow up the files again and push the projects after he got elected in 2022 election.

Speaking on Hub Encounter with Rupesh Samant, Tawadkar said that  the erstwhile Congress governments never supported development in Canacona.

“When I became the minister in the year 2012 I took up various issues. But later I was not elected representative. Again from 2022 onwards the development has restarted,” he said.

He said that the projects like road widening at Karmalghat which was initiated during his earlier tenure did not move even in inch during the tenure of Isidor Fernandes.

He said that the Gavane dam project began during his tenure but even five years later (during Isidor Fernandes’ tenure) there was no progress on that.  “The water should have reached to the people by 2022. The issues of FRC to tribals was completely ignored by him,” he said.

When asked whether he feels that Isidor failed to have development in Canacona, Tawadkar said “I don’t say he failed but things did not happen. I don’t think that he has done any development. The major issues related to water , electricity were not taken up. He joined BJP but he did not understood the gravity of the issues.”


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