I want to be 365 days speaker: Ramesh Tawadkar


(Click here to see his interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CQOfpnzgqQ )


Panaji: Ramesh Tawadkar said that he wants to demolish a myth that Speaker of legislative Assembly is only for the period when the Session is on.

He also said that he may be away from party politics, but has remained close to the social activities.

He was speaking to our Editor-in-Chief Rupesh Samant on the program Hub Encounter.

Tawakar said “As a speaker, I may have been away from the party politics, but I am active in the social activities.”


“Some people feel that speaker is limited during the assembly session. But I have told them that I want to be 365 days speaker. I want to impact the lives of the people, specially from my constituency.”


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