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Governor extends greetings to teachers


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Panaji:  Governor of Goa, Shri P S Sreedharan Pillai has extended his heartiest greetings and warm wishes to the teaching fraternity on theoccasion of Teachers Day.

In his message, the Governor said this day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was one of the greatest teachers of our country, besides being an eminent statesman and philosopher. His life and words serve as an inspiration for the entire teaching community in the country, In his words: ‘Magnificent buildings and equipment are no substitutes for great teachers’.

The Governor further states that teaching is a noble profession. Teachers have traditionally been held in high regard and respect in our society. This is evident in the concept of “Guru” that characterizes the Indian learning system. The Great Saint Kabir has said “ a teacher is like a potter who removes the stones from the mud while making the pot and at the time taps the pot sometimes hard to give it the appropriate and desired Shape” These wonderful words epitomize the relationship between the teacher and the taught.

          He said “Education is not merely about imparting knowledge and skills to the students but in a broader sense it means moulding the tender minds and hearts into virtuous and positive individuals who can live in harmony with all existence. The progress and prosperity of the nation is dependent on the education system. Teachers with their knowledge, skill, sense of responsibility and integrity can significantly contribute to this national cause”.

“Today our country is in its 75th year of independence and Goa is celebrating its 60th year of liberation. Our country is now on the road to achieving “New India” including self reliant India. The National Education Policy – 2020 which focuses on motivation and implementation of teachers is an instrument to achieve this goal. Teachers are a major stakeholders in the implementation of this new education policy”, he added.

On this occasion of Teachers Day, while commending the teaching community for successfully adopting technology to conduct on- line classes during the ongoing Covid-Pandemic, I call upon them to dedicate themselves to achieve the highest standards of professional excellence and steadfastly striving to make the National Education Policy a reality, the Governor concluded.

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