Goans can travel to Dubai at discounted Rates



GAC Holidays, a unit of Goa Adventure Club a Goa based travel agency which has recently opened offices in Dubai will now help you to get special discounted rates for tours to Dubai.

GAC Holidays is a unit of Goa Adventure Club which will facilitate your tour to Dubai at discounted rates with an office in Panjim, they also organise trips to various international locations such as Maldives, Thailand among other places.

Dubai is among the major tourist destinations of th world with more than 100 people travelling to Dubai in the month of April 2022 only from Goa with GAC Holidays, GAC ambassadors says they are expecting a total of atleast 1000 people in May from across the country to travel to Dubai. IIFA awards happening in Dubai has helped GAC a lot, along with Shah Rukh Khan as the ambassador of Dubai it further helps to build trust among our travellers and help us as travel agents to promote Dubai.

Any person can book a tour with GAC Holidays by getting in touch with them on WhatsApp: +91 8007274939 or +91 8208595309.

Travel to Dubai with GAC Holidays


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