‘Who is Laxmikant Parsekar? Don’t ask any question regarding him’


Porvorim: While jubiliant after being sworn in as Member of Legislative Assembly today, BJP leader Dayanand Sopte lost his cool when questioned whether he would make peace with Laxmikant Parsekar.

This is what he said: Don’t ask any question on Laxmikant Parsekar. I don’t want to speak even a single word on Laxmikant Parsekar. The way he acted. The trouble he gave. I don’t want to comment on him.

When asked whether he would demand his sacking, Sopte responded: I don’t have to right to ask his sacking. If they want they can sack. What he did with the party, he should be sacked. I don’t think we need to demand it with our party leaders. I was ready to work with him. I waited till last moment. Now Who is Laxmikant Parsekar?


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