Where are BJP Goa Mahilas? Don’t they eat Onions? Questions Shiv Sena


Panaji: Shiv Sena in Goa has questioned the silence of BJP Mahila leaders claiming that they  are always pro-active in enjoying slice of power and during election campaigns have suddenly gone into hibernation.

“The rising price of Onions, which is affecting every household seems to be not affecting these leaders,” said Sena’s Goa Vice President and Spokesman Rakhi Prabhudesai Naik.

“What is shocking is that the Onions in Goa are most expensive compared to other states. There should be some explanation for this. Pramod Sawant-led Government has failed to control the prices,” she said.

Naik said that the leaders like Kunda Chodankar, Sheetal Naik and Sulakshana Sawant are always on forefront to address press conferences during the election campaigns, but disappear once the government is in place.

Sulakshana Sawant, who is the wife of the Chief Minister, should first come on the street and protest against the price rise.

Chodankar and other women leaders in the party are often being used during elections and in return they are given slice of power by offering post on Bal Bhavan or other government run agencies allowing them to milk state exchequer.

Sena demands that government should proactively work towards reducing the prices of Onions. “Making irresponsible statements like people of Goa are Sucegado due to which the Onion prices are high, makes no sense,” Naik said.


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