Government will work to revive farming culture: Michael Lobo


Panaji: BJP MLA and Goa’s Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo on Saturday said that the government will work to revive farming culture in the state so that the issues like rising Onion prices will not affect the common citizens.

Lobo said that Pramod Sawant-led government will work towards reviving the agricultural economy of the State, which was prevalent even till twenty five years back and slowly dwindling in the coastal state.

He said that cultivation of Onions is one of the aspect that the State government wants to work on.

“Twenty five years back Goa was totally self sufficient as far as agriculture is concerned. Our parents and grand parents used to grow vegetables specially Onions. Goan Onions are famous across India,” said Lobo.

“We want to encourage cultivation of Onions so that the rising prices of it across the country will not affect Goans,” he said.

“Next year, we should encourage cultivating more vegetables. The seeds and other backup like manure to grow organic vegetables we can provide them through Solid waste management plant,” he added.

Goa Solid Waste Management Corporation runs garbage treatment plant at Saligao village near Panaji which treats the waste from North Goa coastal belt and surrounding areas.

He said that the manure or non-chemical fertilizer can be provided from the Waste treatment plant.

The minister said that he himself has purchased a farm where he would be cultivating vegetables around the year.

“I have taken over the farm and there throughout the year there will be farming. All kind of vegetables would be planted there,” he said.

“Once farm is ready I will bring students from across Goa to give them the first hand experience,” he said.

Earlier last week, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had said that ‘sucegado’ (laid back) attitude of Goans was responsible for rising prices of Onions in the State.


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