Vijai-Govind political connections bring new chapter in Goa politics


Banastarim: The function held for laying Foundation Stone for new market complex at Banastarim turned into a major political hospot when Goa Forward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai was clearly seen taking sides with Independent MLA Govind Gawade.

Sardesai who was Indpendent MLA during his earlier tenure also recalled how he used to get angry and fight for bringing in development in his constituency, the same way how Gawade is doing it.

GFP Chief’s open statement against MGP accusing them of siding with Congress and his support to Gawade has also raised eye brows in the political circle.

Sardesai in his speech in presence of Gawade, Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho and GSIDC Chairman and MGP MLA Dipak Pawaskar took potshots at MGP.

“We all came together post-poll because we knew Parrikar will direction to Goa’s future. When we got together, we harboured differences but we came together under the leadership of Parrikar,” he said.

He hailed voters from Priol for going against the trend and getting elected Independent MLA.

“I had also got elected as an independent MLA during the last tenure. I was also fighting the way Gawade is fighting,” he said.

“Sometimes it so happens that despite being in the ministry you have to fight. Govind Gawade is fighting for you all,” Sardesai said adding that “Don’t believe everything that appears on newspaper.”

“Many a times we shout. We shout for the sake of people. With the same spirit he gets angry. He is fighting for the issue of water shortage,” he said.

“We are with Govind Gawade firmly. The issue of people should be solved as they are pending for last 25 years,” Sardesai added.


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