The opposition is united with BJP, we won’t have any alliance: Sisodia 


Panaji: Aam Admi Party (AAP) on Monday ruled out forming any alliance with the other parties for upcoming Goa polls.

AAP leader and Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia told reporters in panaji that the party will contest on all the 40 seats during upcoming election.

He said that the party has its presence in all these constituencies and is emerging as an alternative to BJP in the state due to Congress’ failure to play a role of formidable opposition.

Sisodia said that there is no question of having “united opposition” in the forthcoming elections as all the “opposition is united with BJP.”

“They do what BJP wants them to do,” he said.

Sisodia arrived in Goa on Sunday and since then have been attending series of meetings with the party workers.

He also paid tributes to former CMs late  Dayanand Bandodkar and late Manohar Parrikar’s memorial in the capital city on Monday.

Sisodia said that the AAP wants to take ahead the vision of development by Parrikar. He appealed all the people who are in different political parties and feeling suffocated because of corrupt politics, to join AAP.

“Whoever is dreaming about good Goa, should join our party.,” he said adding that those with corruption and criminal records would not be entertained.


  1. Benaulim & Curchorem voters are very intelligent. They did not voted Congress & BJP. Hope all Goans will do the same and vote only AAP. Congress is finished in Goa and now Goans should finish BJP. Vote AAP and make Goa, a non-corrupt State.


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