The actions of Socorro Panchayat are strictly in accordance with the law: Sarpanch Sonia Pednekar Baseless accusations for political gains from Congress: Kishor Asnodkar


Porvorim, 28th October 2023: The Congress workers’ political theatrics, aimed at defending the unauthorized house and hindering the authorities from fulfilling their duties, exemplify the party’s decline, showing their readiness to go to any lengths. The past two days in the Porvorim region have been marked by drama. To address this, Socorro Sarpanch Sonia Pednekar conducted a press conference to recount the entire incident. Also in attendance were Vice Sarpanch Maya Keni, Parvari BJP Mandal President Kishor Asnodkar, Panch Rajan Parsekar, Gauri Valvaikar, Sunny Shetgaonkar, Sarvesh Halankar, Ashly Lobo, and other Panchayat members.

Socorro Sarpanch Sonia Pednekar said, “The demolition of Nilesh Chari’s house was carried out in accordance with the law, The Panchayat has noted with concern the misinformation spread by certain Congress workers and wishes to provide the public with accurate information, she further explained the whole incidence date wise, Shobhana Harmalkar, a helpless widow, had filed a complaint with the Panchayat against Nilesh Chari’s house on April 27, 2023. Following an investigation, the Panchayat issued show cause notice on June 27, 2023.


However, no satisfactory response was received from Nilesh Chari leading to the issuance of a demolition order on August 8, 2023. Chari then appealed to the additional Panchayat supervisor, who confirmed the validity and appropriateness of the order, emphasizing the Panchayat’s decision. The order was issued by the Directorate of Panchayat on October 18, 2023, with Chari’s lawyers having received the copy. Thus, the Panchayat officials visited the location on October 26, 2023, to carry out the necessary actions.

However, Congress workers created ruckus there, attempting to support the unauthorized matters. Sarpanch Sonia Pednekar further said, “Congress’s actions were not new and that it was evident that the party had fallen from power both at the state and central levels due to supporting unauthorized matters. Nilesh Chari, who had previously filed a complaint against Shobhan Harmalkar’s house, found himself facing a complaint as well. Consequently, the Panchayat has undertaken the orders of the directorate of panchayat to undertake the necessary actions, as Sonia Pednekar stated.

Porvorim BJP Mandal President Kishor Asnodkar said, “Our government is working tirelessly for the upliftment of the poor and we will make sure that all the policies undertaken by our beloved Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modiji, to reach to the last person of the society. We will work for the betterment of the common man of Porvorim and never support any unauthorized work, But the Congress party has a history of helping the unauthorized and making chaos in such situation.


Porvorim is on the path of the development and PM Vishwakarma Yojana is for the benefit of the poor, our beloved honorable minister Sh Rohan Khaunte is working tirelessly for the betterment of the common man and we and the people of the Porvorim following him, the congress party should understand this, he further said, “the demolition squad has gone there as per the Panchayat Raj act and most importantly all the legal documents and procedure is been full field by the squad, when Nilesh Chari complained against Shobhana Harmalakr, Why nobody from the congress party has gone to help her ? Congress should not politicized the issue and support the good work concluded Kishor Asnodkar.


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