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Social distancing is a new norm for clams and oyster collection at Sancoale

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Vasco: Social distancing has now become a norm even for the traditional harvesting of clams and oyster in Zuari river.

Sancoale residents maintain social distancing even while collecting clams and oyster from the zuari river.

In a very positive sign, Sancoale residents including children were seen during low tide today extracting clams(tisreos) and oysters (kalvam) from the dry bed of the zuari river at Sancoale in the vicinity of the sancoale lighthouse.

Historically, this has been a natural breeding ground for clams and oysters since time immemorial.

Local tribal communities have survived on this sea food for ages extracting it for their daily consumption as well as for their livelihood. Extracting clams and oysters has resulted in the locals earning their daily income selling these marine species in the fish markets of Cortalim, Agassaim, Vasco, Margao and other parts of Goa as well.

Clams and oysters are a favourite amongst Goans and are cherished and saught after widely. No Goan fish Curry Rice plate is complete without clams(tisreos) and.occassionally oysters.

Oysters are considered a delicacy and are rare in the market. The locals have to really struggle to extract these clams and oysters from the river beds. It’s a back breaking task undertaken for over 3-4 hours at low tidal waters when one can wade in and attempt to extract the sea food.

During the present lockdown, it was.expexcted that people would not venture out out if fear of catching the corona virus. However, the locals turned smarter.

They took pains to maintain the necessary distance amongst themselves while go in about their task. This is a very positive sign that needs to be appreciated. After all, when it us a matter of survival, the tribals know.best how to do it the right way.


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