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Clarification: Jalesh Cruises not willing to test Karnika crew for Covid-19

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Mumbai: As a precautionary measure, amid the growing concerns of COVID-19, Jalesh Cruises recognizes and respects the shutdown implemented to contain the spread of the pandemic across the country. However, recent news stating that Jalesh Cruises’ is not showing willingness to test seafarers for COVID-19 is incorrect.


Says Jurgen Bailom, CEO & President, Jalesh Cruises said, “We have noticed certain media coverage stating that Jalesh Cruises is not showing a willingness to test seafarers for COVID- 19. We would like to clarify that the information is misleading. Ever since Karnika arrived in Mumbai on 12th March, our crew, on board has not left the ship and has been practicing self-quarantine ever since. The seaport Public Health Office in Mumbai has also given them a medical clearance.

As a responsible cruise operator, we are dedicated and take full responsibility for our crew and have always cooperated and complied with the guidelines laid down by the government. We have been in talks with the government for a potential ship charter for government requirement. We understand that the outbreak of coronavirus has resulted in one of the worst crisis ever to hit India and we fully appreciate the relentless efforts by the Indian authorities to curtail the spread. As our contribution towards the country, we will continue to support the decisions of the government and take all the necessary precautions”.

The government of India introduced several initiatives and directives in order to curtail the spread of Covid-19. As a precautionary measure, Jalesh Cruises decided to take the ship at outer anchorage of Mumbai as a self-imposed quarantine. The crew’s 14 – day self-imposed quarantine period ended on 26thMarch 2020.

This is also to put on record, that the vessel KARNIKA arrived in Mumbai, India on Thursday, 12th March, from Dubai without any passengers, with 669 crew and has been in India ever since.


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