Shocker! Video that should shake conscience of every Goan


Bicholim: A teenager boy, badly wounded, lying at the roadside admitting of consuming drugs…. Image of Goa that should shake conscience of every Goan.

A video that has gone viral shows a teenage boy from Sarvan, a village next to Bicholim, admitting of consuming drugs. He also names two boys who gave him the narcotics, that too, “free of cost.”

The boy is not in his senses, badly wounded, even as villagers try to help him reach his home, but not before knowing who was responsible for the situation.

The usual fear of drugs reaching our villages is turning true and can be seen through these images.

When our website tried to reach out to Bicholim police, the replies were casual. Police Inspector Sanjay Dalvi said that he had sent team to trace the 17-year-old boy. But he was not at his home. Police will go again.

There was no hurry or seriousness shown by police in this crime. There was also no orders from the top to get the accused arrested.

The main kingpins of drug trade have reached our villages. The trend is dangerous.

As a website that is truly Goan and dedicated to Goans and run by Goans, we express our serious concern over the happenings in the state.

Let’s not try to save anyone. Guilty should be booked and punished. Hope Chief minister Pramod Sawant does that to prove his words that this is government of Goans. We are waiting!


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