Resolving Mining crisis is a tricky situation, it is work in progress: BJP


Panaji: BJP on Wednesday said that the current crisis on mining industry is a “tricky situation” which would be solved “sooner or later due to intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”
The mining industry in Goa has come to a standstill since last year after Supreme Court quashed 88 mining leases.
BJP National Vice President Vinay Sahasrabuddhe told media persons in Goa that the finding solution for the mining crisis is “work in progress.”
“It would not be true to suggest that nothing has happened to solve the mining crisis. It is very intricate issue and everybody is aware that Judiciary is involved in it,” he told reporters responding to a question.
“Perhaps, if it was left only to the government, it would have been easy to solve the issue,” he added.
The BJP leader was in Goa as a part of drive to collect feedback and suggestions for the party in the run up for drafting of manifesto for upcoming Lok Sabha election.
Sahasrabuddhe said there are several issues in resolving the mining crisis and Judiciary is involved in it. “Issue has become tricky, therefore it is taking longer,” he explained adding that “sooner or later, the solution would be there.”
When asked whether solution would be provided before Lok Sabha polls or after that, the BJP leader said “entire gamut of issues about mining are under active consideration at Apex level.”
“Therefore, in a way it is work in progress. I understand perhaps more patience is required,” he said.
“Prime Minister is looking into it so solution would be sooner than later,” he said.
Responding to the statement by Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar that the solution for mining crisis would be found out by State as Centre has failed to provide it, Sahasrabuddhe said “there is nothing like division between Centre and the State.”
“There is complete unanimity on this subject between Centre and the State. Both of them are on the same page,” he added.


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