Rahul Mhambre visits Pernem, protested in front of PWD office over acute shortage of water supply in Tuem



AAP Convener Rahul Mhambre along with local villagers protested in front of Pernem taluka PWD office, Locals villagers are facing acute shortage of water supply. During AAP’s Veej Andolan meeting in Tuem it came to notice that the people are facing lot of problem related to drinking water. This problem is not just of Tuem people previously we had visited Chapora village and they had similar problems related to water.
“The MLA of this constituency has built a toilet worth 1cr and is proudly speaking about it, what is the use of that toilet if there is no water supply, the pipelines which are narrow and are very old needs frequent repairs.” Said AAP leader Adv. Prasad Shahporkar.
“We are in the 60th liberation year and our govt has got 300cr funds from the center, but what is the condition of Goa? Goan’s don’t get proper drinking water. You’ll are thinking of spending this Rs 300 cr on various programs and functions, first provide proper water supply to the Goans.” said Rahul Mahambre.
There has been frequent water supply issues all across Goa, especially in North GOA. Locals have been voicing these issues during Veej Andolan corner meetings.
“I would like to tell CM Pramod Sawant that for Goans to celebrate the 60th liberation, it is imperative that you should use 300 Cr fund to implement Har Ghar Jal Yojna on ground and not just on papers, it is now clear that your claim of 100% tap water connection and continuous water supply was a complete lie. Govt says HAR GHAR JAL, you’ll have installed taps but no water, then what is the use of the taps. CM Sawant please listen to the demands of the people and provide them the basic necessity, this not just the problem of Tuem people but this is happening all over goa. So instead of blowing the 300cr on functions and programs provide basic needs for Goans.”, said Rahul Mhambre
Locals protesting for water supply said that if this is the condition of water supply in the month of February, then we are going to have very tough time during summers. Locals supported AAP’s initiative of raising basic issues and said that at least Aam Admi Party is working on ground and standing with us. They have expressed their displeasure with the Local MLA as well and said that we are fed up of false promises made by him.


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