Parrikar shows willingness to resign,  Dhavalikar wants to be deputy


Candolim: In a major political development, the sources in BJP has indicated that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has shown his willingness to step down from the chair owing to the health issues.

On the other hand, MGP leader Sudin Dhavalikar has already began talks for the deputy chief minister’s post with an offer that Parrikar can continue in the chair.

BJP is sending their political observers tomorrow to oversee the situation in the State.

The sources in BJP stated that Parrikar has offered to resign from the post, after providing proper alternate arrangement. His wish to step down will be discussed by BJP observers, who will have to think about the alternative, allowing Parrikar to take rest, which is required for his recovery.

Sources stated that Dhavalikar has been camping at the hospital while the idea of merging MGP with BJP is also being thought about. Dhavalikar has given a proposal that he would be the deputy chief minister while Parrikar can continue in the chair.

The merger proposal, however, has received opposition within MGP. Party’s General Secretary Lavu Mamlatdar said that the party will not be allowed to be merged in BJP.

He said that the proposal for merger was introduced earlier in the past but had met with an opposition from the General Body. “Dhavalikar single handedly cannot take decision to merge the party. There are many people who are opposing to it,” he said.


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