Old Goa satyagrahis get more support



Old Goa : Citizens from Calangute Constituency (Arpora, Parra, Calangute, Candolim) and Quepem Constituency (Quepem, Qitli, Fatorpa, Canaguimim, Cola, Barcem) showed solidarity with the satyagrahi’s today at Old Goa. They were unanimous in demanding the government raze the illegal structure in the protected area at Old Goa, as the hunger strike entered the 20th day today.

Altone D’Costa from Quepem pointed out that now the Panchayat has started the process of demolition, however it is moving at a snail’s pace. He questioned his MLA, who is also the TCP minister as to what is the reason for the delay of the second demand?



He questioned what the TCP staff do, he said they are hired as “Planners” to draw plans not as “Blueprint approvers” to approve construction drawings. He reminded the press and the citizens that Save Old Goa Action Committee has been demanding a Master Plan since 2011, he said INTACH made a proposal in 2016 and CCF with Edgar Ribeiro as recently as 2020, he asked why all these master-plans have been shelved. Which builders are stopping the demarcation from being done? He appealed to Shri Babu Kavlekar to immediately update the regional plans within the next week, or give the citizens a white paper as to why it is delayed.

Roshan Mathias from Candolim asked Minister Michael Lobo where his 3 lakh supporters are? He reminded the press that Lobo had promised to get the structure demolished, today was his chance to show solidarity to the movement, but the inaction and only lip-service from the MLA shows his true support lies with the builders who are promoting illegalities and not with the citizens.


  1. Corrupt Government Officials are the reason for Goans sufferings. They take months or even years to pass one simple file of Goans, which require only few days to pass. Without bribes they even not looking at the Goans face, forget about completing the file of the Goans. Whenever Goans goes to the office, next chair employee says that he or She is on outdoor work. But actually he or she is at home or doing some of its personal business outdoor. They must be punctual and if he or she is gone out or on leave then there must be a replacement to sign or work on his or her behalf.


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