Not funny! Canacona police have suspicious double law enforcement at Pollem border


Canacona: Imagine this! The staff at Police check post at Pollem leaves the vehicles entering the state unchecked, but soon, at 500 metres away, the same force stops the vehicles and issues them challan for violation of traffic rules or Motor vehicle rules.
Canacona residents are perplexed with the attitude of Canacona Police station which has kept two layered enforcement at the check post, allowing the first layer to let the vehicles come in the border and second one to act.
The locals feel that there is something fishy in the entire “double enforcement system.”
Kalpesh Gaonkar, a resident of Canacona, expressed his frustration, suggesting that either staff at at the check point has to carry out the duties or additional staff should not be stationed within 500 meters of it. He questioned the necessity of employing extra staff and emphasized the need for vehicles entering the state to be checked at the entry point of the check post.

“Goa Police and Transport department has to sensitize their staff at Pollem check post and these staff extra posted just before 500 meters should be removed”, Gaonkar said.

He further questioned, “why can’t the vehicles coming in the State can be checked at the entry point at the checkpost of Pollem and why there is need to employ extra staff? Is the check post is just a booth to collect hafta?”

Furthermore, concerns were raised about the presence of authorities from the Transport department at the border check post. Residents questioned why these officials, including those of the level of Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors (AMVI), couldn’t effectively monitor violations of the Motor Vehicles Act (MV Act).

Another Canacona resident, Prasad Kankonkar, called for an immediate end to the harassment faced by tourists and commercial vehicles, urging the police to prioritize the best interests of the state and the public. “My question is very simple.

What are the authorities stationed at the border check post are doing? What are their duties? How cum the visible violations of MV Act just neglected while crossing the State border infront of the officers? Who is responsible for this? When the government will take action on such malpractices?”, Kankokar’s questioned.

The core questions posed by concerned citizens revolve around the effectiveness of the authorities stationed at the border check post, their actions, and the apparent neglect of visible violations of the MV Act.

They demand accountability and swift action from the government to address these alleged malpractices. As this controversy unfolds, it underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and effective regulation in law enforcement operations, particularly at critical entry points like border check posts. Residents and stakeholders await decisive measures to ensure fair and lawful practices in the interest of public safety and trust in law enforcement agencies


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