BJP waiting to give ticket to a congressman?


Panaji: Goa Forward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai in an exclusive interaction with our reporter Hanumant Nagloor said that his party will not have any say in deciding the candidate for INDIA Alliance. He also took a dig at BJP for delaying to announce the name of candidate in South Goa.


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Q: You had specifically said that you will not work if ticket is given to Francisco Sardinha.
Vijai: I have no say in the candidate. I had made a remark with regards to one candidate beyond that I don’t have any say. I was not there for the meeting of INDIA Alliance (which was held earlier this week) as I was away for a function in Delhi. I had made a courtesy call today to Congress leader Manikrao Thakare.

Q. Who should be given a ticket?
Vijai: The decision is left to the Congress party. It is not our suggestion…. What our apprehensions were, we have made it clear.

Q. Dont you think that there is delay in announcing the ticket?
Vijai: Why do you think that? There is no delay for BJP?

Q. At least they have announced the ticket for North Goa
Vijai: They are double engine government. If all their engines are working properly then why are they not announcing ticket for South Goa. Are they getting defeated in South? Do they think that they would be defeated in South?

Q. Do you think that they will be defeated?
Vijai: I dont know what is happening. My point is (that) delay is a tactic or strategy. May be Congress is waiting for the BJP to declare the ticket. May be BJP is having a lot of Congressmen, who want a ticket for a Congressman rather than the BJP-man. There are lot of things. I dont want to get into this because I am not contesting.

Q. BJP had announced that they are considering women aspirants in South Goa, what is your reaction to it?
Vijai: It is not right to consider women as a candidate, just because there is no consensus amongst the males. It is not bad if BJP is giving ticket to a woman. 50 per cent of the population is women. If their intention is to give ticket to women than it is not bad. One should not criticise them. But don’t serve them (women aspirants) stale food. Give them a fresh food plate.


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