Disinterest of BJP’s two senior MLAs itself a ‘result’ Congress wins South Goa: Patkar


Panaji: GPCC President Amit Patkar on Saturday pointed out that disinterest of two senior MLAs of BJP from contesting South Goa Lok Sabha seat is itself a ‘result’ that ‘Jumla’ party will face defeat.

Amit Patkar made the remarks, during a press conference in Congress House-Panaji.

“Senior MLAs, one is Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar and other is former Chief Minister Digamber Kamat, have shown their disinterest to contest south Goa seat. Because they know that BJP will again lose this seat,” Patkar pointed out.

“BJP is rattled so much that they are not getting a good candidate, who can fight against our candidate,” Patkar said.

He said that Congress has a candidate and will be announced soon after the process is completed.

“Since 2019 BJP is claiming that they will win the South Goa seat in 2024. It is surprising that despite this they couldn’t find a candidate for the last five years,” Patkar said.

Patkar alleged that BJP is rattled so much that they are using delaying tactics to announce candidates fearing Congress.

“Our sitting MP has done a lot of work in South Goa and people have faith in our party. People are aware how BJP is trying to divide and rule. There are examples how BJP has used the ‘defectors’ and finished their political career,” Patkar said, adding BJP also practices ‘use and throw’ policy, which is now exposed.


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