MGP leader Ketan Bhatikar arrested, released, claims it as to shut his voice

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Ponda: MGP Ponda leader Dr Ketan Bhatikar was arrested
and released on bail on thursday for alleged illegal hill cutting without prior permission from TCP.
Bhatikar has denied that he was involved in any kind of illegalities and he was being targeted for taking up social issues.
As per the complaint against him, Bhatikar was involved in illegal hut cutting in Kavlem Panchayat area.
Bhatikar was booked under section 17 A of TCP act 1974.
Speaking to our website,
Bhatikar claimed that the old structure was demolished in his own property and no illegal cutting was done.
Property is 666 sqmts.
He said that his opposition to illegalities has caused pain to many.
“My work towards ponda has hurt many . To shut my voice and to suppress me it’s done,” he added.
He said the act was to create fear among his family. Rohan khaunte , Sankalp amonker and now me,” he added.
“ I will not be feared with such cowardly action and my fight will continue towards illegality towards corruption and towards non governance”.
“My work in ponda speaks for me n such cowardly arrest will not deter or fear me in any circumstances,” he said.
“From tomorrow my mission will be to show how much hill cutting is happening in ponda and goa n will ask every single police as in how many cases registered.”
“Now will work with more energy n more zeal to reach peopl of ponda,” he added.


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