Mahadayi issue: Goa Public meeting demand withdrawal of DPR, urges govt not to sacrifice the river


Panaji: The public meeting called by the like-minded people against diversion of Mahadayi River on Monday resolved that the Central Water Tribunal should withdraw its approval given to the Detailed Project Report of Karnataka government for construction of dams on the River.

The resolution adopted during the meeting also demanded that the Goa government should not fall short in its efforts to save Mahadayi and should not sacrifice the river owing to any kind of pressure from anyone.

Various environmentalists including secretary of Mahadayi Bachao Abhiyan Rajendra Kerkar and other leaders of political parties including Goa Forward Party’s Vijai Sardesai and Trinamool Congress Party’s Kirti Azad addressed the public meeting held at Sankhalim, a constituency represented by chief minister Pramod Sawant.

The resolution read that any attempt to divert the natural water course of the Mahadayi will have a severe impact on the population in six talukas of Goa who depend on this water for drinking.

“It will also affect the flora and fauna of the river valley, as well as the people’s life and culture in the area. Diversion of the Mhadei water source will threaten the existence of the

Western Ghats, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the fishermen, farmers, paddy fields, cultivated lands and biological resources that depend on the water of the river,” the resolution read.

The participants of the meeting demanded that the Central Water Tribunal that the approval given to the detailed project report of the Karnataka government should be withdrawn

as soon as possible.

In yet another resolution, the meeting resolved that the  Mhadei issue is as much about the future of Goans as it is about the self respect and identity of Goans.

“Goa may be smaller than neighboring states in terms of population and geography but the aspirations of the people of Goa are not small,” it read.

The meeting demanded that Goa government should act with sensitivity and commitment in this regard and to publicly support thjs mass movement which has spread like wildfire across Goa.

“The public assembly passes a resolution that the Government of Goa should not fall short in its efforts to save Mahadayi and should not sacrifice Mahadayi owing to any kind of pressure from anyone,” the resolution added.


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