Lady deputy sarpanch files complaint against social media post


Vasco: A lady deputy sarpanch from Chicalim panchayat in Mormugao taluka has filed a police complaint claiming that her name was being detamed through social media post.
The complainant has alleged that a post is being circulated on social media with her picture with two men. She sald that a massage is circulated on social media. The message titled ‘Politician involved in sex scandal/ kidnapping?’.
The said message is being circulated along with a photograph was supposedly taken soon after her election.
She has said that a criminal conspiracy is evident as the text of the defamatory message is being portrayed as a news report when in fact such news has not been published in any of the newspaper.
“The text message does not have my name. However, it refers to a young lady panch and along with the text my photograph is being circulated in the social media. The criminal intent of the accused person is evident that he wants those reading the text to connect the text with my photos, the complaint reads.
She said that the attached message contains defamatory and false information about a young panch member being seen in a compromising position with a male person. “When the message is circulated along with my photograph, it conveys a wrong message that the woman mentioned in the message pertains to me, the complaint reads.
She has said that entire episode appears to be part of a larger criminal conspiracy to tarnish and malign her image by circulating false, obscene and defamatory information. She has feared law and order situation might be created as her followers and supporters are angered with this act..


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