This is what lady deputy sarpanch of Chicalim panchayat questioned Girish Chodankar in an open letter


Vasco: In an open letter to former Goa Congress chief Girish Chodankar, Chicalim panchayat lady deputy sarpanch has quoted his tweet questioning

was it right on your parl to play with the dignity of a woman.

The lady deputy sarpanch has referred to herself as “an unfortunate lady victim who has been a target of your latest political conspiracy and prey of your false and fictitious defamatory tweet.”

She has pointed out to the tweet by Chodankar “’Who is this another #Goa Cabinet Minister of @bjpa-goa involved in SEX SCANDAL’. Along with this tweet, you have attached a text of a printout titled ‘Politician involved in sex scandal/kidnapping.”

The deputy Sarpanch has said “as a seasoned politician, you were well aware that the attached printout is not a news item which is published on any of the newspapers.”

“You were also well aware that the attached printout was without any author and the same has not been generated from any reliable source. Only to get political mileage and sensationalize the issue, you have acted irresponsibly and with criminal intent and attached the print to your tweet”.

She has said “With all humility, I would like to ask you to introspect on whether you would have done the same thing in case the woman targeted in the fictitious and false message was your own wife, daughter, sister or mother?”

“You were well aware that the said fictitious message was being circulated in the social rnedia along with my photograph and as such the public were connecting me to the false social media post. After your irresponsible and reckless tweet, the post became more viral and my name and reputation have been dented.”

“From the flow of events and taking into consideration the hasty manner in which you tweeted and mis-used the false, defamatory and fictional post, for your own political mileage, it prirna facie appears that you were part of the crirninal conspiracy of my opponents to create the illusory and misleading post. I have yesterday filed a police complaint against those who have done this crime. I could have easily named you as a suspected accused in my complaint.

“However, unlike you, my intention is not to play politics or take personal vengeance.”

“My only purpose of addressing this open letter to you is to request you to introspect and ask your conscience whether what you did was right. Was it right on your part to play with the dignity of a woman? Was it right on your part to circulate an unauthenticated and false post? Was it right on your part to play politics knowing fully well that the victim of such politics was a innocent woman whose image and reputation would be tarnished beyond repairs by your irresponsible post? How would you react, if instead of me, the victim of your post was your own mother, daughter, sister or wife?”

“On 07th April 2023, you had tweeted ‘Congress facing trust deficit from voters in Goa”. I urge you to ponder if your latest irresponsible tweet and your irresponsible acts are the reasons for such trust deficit.”

“Your irresponsible tweet has caused me immense humiliation and mental agony. I don’t expect an apology from you. I only request you to INTROSPECT and decide for yourself on whether what you did was right.

May God bless you and your family and I do hope and pray that no female members in your family are ever made victims of such irresponsible acts. May truth always prevail.”


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