Infant body case: Youth Congress Protest at Agacaim Police Station

Agacaim: Youth Congress today protested against the delay in investigation of the case wherein a dead body of an infant was found at Siridao beach. Present for the protest were, IYC President Varad Mardolkar, Janardhan Bhandari, Archit Naik and Amarnath Panjikar. “We don’t want Goa to become a state like U.P & Bihar” said Mardolkar while speaking to the Police. Congress was protesting against the Hathras Rape incident and it is very disheartening to see that infants are getting brutally killed in peaceful state like Goa.
“We need speedy investigation into this matter, the criminals who killed this infant are walking scot-free. This is unacceptable” said Janardhan Bhandari. The police need to keep updating the people about the status of the case, this will help reaffirm confidence in the law and order said, Bhandari. The police stated that the department is quite serious about the issue and they are conducting investigation according to procedure.


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