IMA Exit- Devastating blow to Covid control


The much appreciated life saving services of the IMA in Covid control has been withdrawn citing duplication & other causes but whatever be the reason, it’s a devastating blow to Covid Management in Goa. The contribution of Indian Dental & Homeopathic Association’s alongside IMA has been commendable & life saving.

While exiting with utmost appreciation from everyone, these Saviours have given valuable inputs for better Covid control like timely restructuring of Covid protocols, imposing stricter preventive measures, real-time status of infection in each area, transparency in recording statistics etc.

At this precarious point of Covid spike, we cannot afford to lose out on the life saving assistance of IMA & it’s partners. I implore the CM to intervene for the continuation of IMA services as before. We need all medical support to overcome these perilously pandemic times.


  1. Well , I Dr. Suvarna Fonseca homoeopath from Margao, opted to be a volunteer, I had 12 patients who were allotedv to me, two are a time on a daily basis. I took time out of my busy schedule to monitor their progress, encouraging them to do their breathing exercises, to take the readings 3 times a day and send it to me, I would talk to them and ask if there are any new symptoms. If they had symptoms like anosmia, tastelessness,loose stools, anxiousness, fear, restlessness for which Homoeopathy has fantastic remedies, I,Being a HOMOEOPATH, recommended homoeopaths that were in their vicinity in bicholim taluka. We formed and integrated, and jelled like a family, looking forward to the videos on breathing, cupping, proning etc. They felt as though there was a special person who was looking after them exclusively. Even after 10 days they did not want to leave the group..
    Yesterday when I was going through the messages from HOMOEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION, I was surprised that the whole programme was NIPPED IN THE BUD. It’s sad, specially for the patients. But I accept that the reins are in your hands. I was only taking the opportunity to serve the needy as I have confidently cured nearly 30 covid positive patients in Goa, India and London. The loss is yours.


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