Illegalities on roads will be removed if HC takes Suo Moto cognizance : SCM

Margao : The Shadow Council for Margao(SCM) has asserted that illegalities in markets and along Roads and footpaths will come for a proper dressing only once the Hon’ble High Court takes Suo Moto cognizance of the blatant violations or in the event a contempt Petition is filed
Speaking on the controversy over illegal Gadda’s/encroachments Coutinho stated that placement or allotment of any Gadda along the road/Road widening area or footpath mandatorily requires the consent of the High Court in view of the Court order of 1997, SCM convenor Savio Coutinho pointed out.
“To be very specific to the area near Margao KTC Busstand, the Council is already in violation of the Court order and surely attracts Contempt.
Many in the Council may not be aware, while senior officials may conveniently feign ignorance to the fact that only 5 to 7 Gaddas were issued permission through the High Court, for placement in front of the KTC canteen under the temporary rehabilitation scheme, Gradually the number has increased to twice the number permitted,” Coutinho revealed.
“It is only the powerful and influential Gadda owners who get prime locations for placement of their Gadda’s, while others are still left without any place. Many of the Gadda owners who were displaced due to the High court order have even expired in their wait for the permanent rehabilitation”,  Coutinho lamented.
“As far as the markets are concerned, in both the markets you will find large scale encroachment and extension. And it is not that surveys of the 2 markets have not been carried out. At least on 2 occasions in the last few years, survey have been conducted by the Municipal Inspectors,  but the reports have been confined to the MMC files for obvious reasons”, Coutinho charged.
Considering the plan submitted to the Hon’ble High Court as a base plan, all the subsequent encroachments can easily be identified. But will the Concerned authorities have the will to do so, remains a million dollar question, Coutinho  said.


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