I said I might not be there in the government: Vijai Sardesai


Dona Paula: Goa Forward Party President and TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai has ruled out instability in Parrikar-led government but mentioned that he might not be in the government, without elaborating on it.

Sardesai said that during the function in South Goa on Friday he had stated that “if all goes well, we will have economic model woven around Lokotsav within one year.”

“I had said that if I continue as minister I will complete it. I had said if all goes well I will have economic model woven around it within one year. I am not showing any kind of instability,” he told reporters after meeting the CM at Dona Paula.

“I had said I might not remain in the government. I had not said that the BJP government will not be there,” he said. 


  1. These politicians are only interested in robbing the goan. Encroachments of forests and other lands for their own business. Track down their illegal properties and business. These people are into drugs business, prostitution, and liquor business.


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