Here Aratis of Lord Ganesha echoes through dense forest, verdant hills



Subdalem (Quepem): The tribal hamlet of Subdalem in Quepem taluka, nestled within the lush Western Ghats, has long resonated with the worship of Lord Ganesh.


This age-old tradition is deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of this serene village, and each year during Ganesh Chaturthi, it comes to life in a vibrant and heartwarming way.


One of the most enchanting aspects of this celebration is the singing of Aratis, devotional songs, that fill the air, echoing through the dense forests and verdant hills. These soul-stirring melodies, sung with heartfelt devotion, unite the entire village in a harmonious chorus of praise for Lord Ganesh. It’s a magical experience that transcends boundaries and connects the community in a spiritual bond.

Another striking feature of Subdalem’s Ganesh festival is the Ganesh Idol itself. Crafted with care and reverence, the idol is made of red colour, mirroring the richness of the soil on which the hardworking farmers of the village toil day in and day out.


This tradition of using red clay for the Ganesh Idol has been upheld for generations, symbolizing the deep connection between the people, their land, and their faith.



In Subdalem, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is not just a ritual; it’s a heartfelt tribute to their cultural roots, the natural beauty of the Western Ghats, and their unwavering devotion to Lord Ganesh.

It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of this tribal hamlet, where tradition and nature coexist in perfect harmony.


During our shoot with Quepem MLA Altone D’Costa, we were lucky to visit this village on Monday. We met the warm people here.


Watch our interaction with them on our episode Hub Encounter: Hey Altone! On our YouTube channel. Follow us to get similar content in future.


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