Goa Forward Party raises concerns about neglect of Ponda by District Coordination Committee



Ponda: Goa Forward Party General Secretary Durgadas Kamat has raised concerns about the neglect of Ponda by the District Coordination Committee.
In a tweet released here, Kamat said “Concerned about the neglect of Ponda by the District Coordination Committee. Lack of coordination in road digging works has resulted in chaos, traffic jams, and inconvenience for residents. “
He has urged South Goa Collector to actively monitor the works on a daily basis and ensure timely completion before the monsoon.
Kamat said that the residents of Ponda were planning a protest against the uncoordinated underground cabling, sewerage, and gas pipeline work.
He said that the it is time to step up and address their concerns. Coordinate the works, set clear timelines, and communicate with the public effectively.
“It’s not just about the works, but the lack of coordination causing unnecessary hardships for Ponda residents,” he said.
Kamat has said that the South Goa Collector should establish a dedicated officer in charge to oversee the works, listen to residents’ grievances, and collaborate on finding practical solutions. Let’s prioritize accountability!
Providing a solution, Kamat said that the District Coordination Committee must actively monitor Ponda’s road digging works.
“Regular inspections, daily progress reports, and timely interventions are necessary to ensure smooth execution and completion before the monsoon. Ponda deserves better coordination,” he said.


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